Back to School

How to Make the Back to School Routine Easy!

back to school supplies - pencils, notebooks

From flip-flops to boots, we all know what time of the year it is. It’s gearing up back to school time! We spend a lot of time shopping and comparing prices online among retailers, hoping to find the best price. Number 2 pencils, notebooks, backpacks, sneakers and clothes, clothes, clothes! And now that the back […]

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Fashion & Shopping

Fast Fashion Domination?

back to school women's fashion

While the fashion industry continues to flourish with the latest pieces, there has been a new trend that has disrupted traditional retailers. This new trend is known as fast fashion, and it has become popular amongst the targeted market of young consumers. It has changed the way consumers make purchase decisions on clothing today. Due […]

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Shopping Through PayPal

price comparison online shopping for deals

With online shopping being rampantly on the rise, concerns regarding the use of credit cards online seem to be increasing too. While there are very few sites you can entirely trust to use your credit card information safely, there are safer ways of doing this. One of these, and PriceReel’s personal all-time favourite, is shopping […]

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday, Online Shopping Tips

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

shopping for deals price comparison

Searching for the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be quite overwhelming. With the idea that somewhere else could  have a particular item cheaper, many people tend to go through great lengths to save a little extra.  Below we offer a few great tips to help you with your Black Friday and […]

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Stress-free Shopping For The Holidays

Christmas socks

The holiday season is officially here and you know what that means! Holiday cheer, fun, spending quality time with loved one, delicious caramel, candy cane and peppermint desserts, sparkly everything, your favorite cuddly holiday characters and more… but then we think of the gifts. Our heads start to throb with due that question of “What […]

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Start Your Holiday Shopping Now!

gold christmas gift

Set a realistic budget for your holiday shopping – Factor in cards, wrapping materials and postage as well. Create a detailed shopping list – Include the names of people you will be buying gifts for, hostess gifts, gifts for a Secret Santa, co workers, etc. Find the right price using PriceReel – Once you have […]

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Thanksgiving For Beginners

thanksgiving turkey preparation

Don’t worry, you got this! Thanksgiving cooking doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here are few great tips to help you get your through your first big dinner: Start Developing Your Skills Now! – Start making small meals for yourself that incorporate a variety of cooking techniques such as baking, frying, boiling, slicing, dicing and […]

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Last Minute Halloween Party!

halloween pumpkins

Decided to get into the spirit of Halloween? Want to host a ‘spook-tacular’ fest this weekend, but afraid you won’t have enough time to pull it off? No worries! Below are some great tips to plan your bash, keep on top of very detail and save big at the same time! Invitation List Make a […]

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Home Accessories & Decor Ideas, Online Shopping Tips

10 Tips to Help You Revamp the Look of Your Home on a Budget

dining room decor

Falling out of love with your home? Feeling the urge for some change but your wallet won’t let you? No problem! We have got 10 great budget friendly tips to help change the overall look and feel of your home. Paint One Wall Painting an entire room can be very costly. Revamp your space by […]

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Electronics & Gadgets, Vacationing & Travel Tips

13 Overlooked Items When Packing for a Trip

travel luggage

Prepaid Phone Card If your cell phone isn’t unlocked, consider buying a cheap unlocked cell phone that will allow you to use a SIM card and prepaid phone card at your destination of travel. Look up prepaid phone services and kiosks close to the place you are staying at before traveling. Purchase a Mini Phrase […]

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