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How to Make the Back to School Routine Easy!

From flip-flops to boots, we all know what time of the year it is. It’s gearing up back to school time! We spend a lot of time shopping and comparing prices online among retailers, hoping to find the best price. Number 2 pencils, notebooks, backpacks, sneakers and clothes, clothes, clothes! And now that the back to school shopping is checked off our list, the serious part begins: getting the kids into the school routine again.

Are you a super parent that gets everyone out of the door on time? Or are you that parent who seems to be running a marathon, and is nearly late every day? Whichever that case may be, this list was created to ensure both children and parents ease into the back to school routine with less stress.

  1. Plan the Night Before: A great rule of thumb is that things that do not need to be done in the morning should be done the night before. This includes picking outfits for the next day – which tends to be a hassle in the morning. Doing this the night before will be less stressful and can involve the kids selecting their own Let the kids be excited about their new sneakers, dresses, pants, and sweaters from PriceReel!
  2. Create Charts: What better way to ensure nothing is forgotten than creating a chart? The chart doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated, but you should probably include some pictures for the pre-readers! Make bed, brush teeth, get dressed, fix hair, eat breakfast, and grab backpack – check, check, and check. You can place the chart at the back of the front door, shoe closet, or fridge!
  3. Breakfast DIY: A great way to empower the kids is by allowing them to fix their own No-cook options like cereal and milk, cheese strings, and fruit is just a few suggestions. However, if the kids get tired of the same old bowl of Cheerio’s, then another very good idea is to have some breakfast prep done the night before. Purchase Ziploc freezer bags from PriceReel, and allow the kids to pick their favorite fruits to pack in the bags. This will make morning smoothies possible the next day!
  4. Play Music: Music puts everyone in a good mood, so what better way to start the day? Turn up the music, and play some fun songs to get the children excited and motivated to get ready. This will help with the stressful mornings, and even make them fun for everyone! You can find a great selection of wireless Bluetooth speakers on PriceReel. Shop away from an endless selection of speakers! Now you can take your music anywhere in the house, and simply control it with your phone or tablet. Or have the kids take turns being the DJ’s every day of the week!

We hope this short list will help you de-stress the back to school routine and get excited for another year full of knowledge, growth, and fun! Have any suggestions? Let us know!


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