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Black Friday / Cyber Monday, Online Shopping Tips

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

27 Nov , 2015  

Searching for the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be quite overwhelming. With the idea that somewhere else could  have a particular item cheaper, many people tend to go through great lengths to save a little extra.  Below we offer a few great tips to help you with your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping.

  1. Prioritize What You Need – Think of all of the items you use on a regular basis, such as perfumes, makeup or hair products. Also think of all the items you need to upgrade or replace such as electronics, kitchenware, hair tools such as flat irons, blowdryers, etc. Then think about the holiday gifts you need to get for your loved ones. Make a list of each of these items then prioritize what you need to get now and what can wait.
  2. Create a Budget – Once you decided on the items you want to get, set aside a budget. Be sure to include shipping and handling fees as well as wrapping and cards for gifts.
  3. Shop local – Avoid the madness and crazy lineups at big box stores by shopping at some of the local mom & pop shops right in your area. You never know what unique items you may find.
  4. Sign-up For Email Lists – Pick the stores you frequently shop at to receive updates on sales events including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  5. Distance/Gas – Think about the distance, traffic and the cost of gas you have to use to get to the store that has the deal you are looking for. Is it worth it?
  6. Shipping Prices – The item you are looking for could be marked down to 50% however with a potential $25+ shipping and handle cost added to the total. Is it really worth it?
  7. Shipping Times – Shipping times can be lengthy for the holiday season. If you are buying gifts online be careful of the shipping times. Sometimes you may not be able to receive the item in time for the holidays.
  8. Watch For Newer Versions – One of the best times to buy electronics is when a newer version comes out. This especially applies to phones, tablets and TVs. You don’t necessarily have to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to grab a great deal on a great electronic!
  9. Other Upcoming Sales – For items that you don’t necessarily need at the moment, wait for the end of season sales. Prices typically drop dramatically and many items can be used for the upcoming season, such as high heel shoes, tanks and t-shirts.
  10. Read the Return Policy – A different store may offer a particular item for a lower price, however the return policy states “FINAL SALE – No returns or exchanges”. Ask yourself if you are willing to take the risk of not being able to return the item if there is defect or if it is not working properly.
  11. Utilize PriceReel Year Round – You don’t have to wait until a big sales event to find great deals! Utilize PriceReel’s Price Comparison feature. Find details on shipping, locations and specs about the product too!

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