Fashion & Shopping

Fast Fashion Domination?

back to school women's fashion

While the fashion industry continues to flourish with the latest pieces, there has been a new trend that has disrupted traditional retailers. This new trend is known as fast fashion, and it has become popular amongst the targeted market of young consumers. It has changed the way consumers make purchase decisions on clothing today. Due […]

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Online Shopping Tips

Shopping Online: Tips For Beginners

price comparison online shopping for deals

The trend of online shopping has been increasing at a rapid pace with new online stores popping up on the internet every single day. However, for every new customer who is planning to opt for online shopping for the first time, the question of safety and privacy happens to be of concern. Taking this into […]

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Back to School, Online Shopping Tips

Save Money on School Supplies Deals

back to school books

Inventory of school supplies  Work together with your children and gather up all their school supplies from last year, including pens, pencil crayons, erasers, backpacks, lunch bags, running shoes, etc. Make a list of what you could use again for this coming year. Budget for other school expenses Gym uniforms, field trips, specialty shoes and […]

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