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13 Overlooked Items When Packing for a Trip

Prepaid Phone Card

If your cell phone isn’t unlocked, consider buying a cheap unlocked cell phone that will allow you to use a SIM card and prepaid phone card at your destination of travel. Look up prepaid phone services and kiosks close to the place you are staying at before traveling.

Purchase a Mini Phrase Book 

Keep a pocket size phrase book or a dictionary of the language of the country you are visiting. It will be handy to help you get around, talk to the locals and ask for things.

Pocket Notebook and Pen

A simple notebook and pen can very handy to jot down an address, directions, a name of song you keep hearing that you really like, a recipe and more, especially if your phone dies!


A good old fashion map or map book could do you wonders when getting around, especially if you don’t have access to your mobile devices and WiFi!

Universal Plug Converter

Many cities around the world do not have the standard Canadian and American outlet. A universal plug is always a good thing to invest in as it can convert to almost any outlet type in the world.

Extra Batteries or Mini Power Bank

Nothing could be more frustrating than being in front of beautiful historical site or a beautiful breath taking landscape and then your camera or Smartphone dies. Purchase extra batteries and accessories for your Smartphone or camera, or a mini power bank portable charger. Fully charge them the night before so you will never miss on those special opportunities.

Out of Season Outfit

Always pack one out of season outfit. If your destination has hot weather, pack a sweater, pair of jeans and pair of closed shoes like running shoes. If your destination has cool weather pack a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some flip flops.

Napkins, Wet Naps and Hand Sanitizer

Even in our hometown we should always walk with these essentials you never know which washroom will run out of toilet paper or which attraction may not have sinks and soap for your to wash your hands.


If you are flying, bring along a pack of gum to help un-pop your ears or settle your belly if you are feeling a bit nauseas.

Battery Operated Alarm Clock

Don’t miss your continental breakfast, your bus or the start of a major event because you slept in.

A Lock

Want to enjoy some of the amenities at the hotel or hit the gym? Carry a combination lock with you to protect your purse, bag and other personal items.

First Aid Kit and Medicine

Don’t forget bandages, alcohol wipes, Advil, Pepto Bismol, Tums, allergy medicine, lozenges, after bite and more.


Pack some granola bars or snack size bags of chips, crackers, etc. for the road, on the plane , or while touring. Sometimes organized itineraries can leave little time for breaks to eat.

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