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With online shopping being rampantly on the rise, concerns regarding the use of credit cards online seem to be increasing too. While there are very few sites you can entirely trust to use your credit card information safely, there are safer ways of doing this.

One of these, and PriceReel’s personal all-time favourite, is shopping through PayPal. It is an ingenious invention that takes the load off your shoulders about hackers obtaining and misusing your credit card information.

PayPal is basically a way to pay online through your credit cards. You can enter all your account information on PayPal the first time you are registering for it and that is it. You will not need to enter any credit card pins or numbers anywhere henceforth. You may just shop through your PayPal account! Also, you do not have the restriction of using just one credit card through your PayPal in fact, you may use as many as you want. It makes life much easier without having to carry around all your credit cards or being embarrassed and swiping multiple cards while shopping if one account gets empty. It is as though all your banks have combined as one.

PayPal also is linked with a number of stores, so shopping online or purchasing anything through PayPal also comes with the perks of wining rewards, offers or getting a discount. Also, as you shop you win rewards as points or miles which you may use as discounts when you buy something. There are also numerous websites which actually run special deals for PayPal users, so that is simply the icing on the cake.

You may also operate your PayPal shopping through the iPhone PayPal app, send and receive money from anyone. A security plus to this is that the PayPal app asks for your pin each time you make a purchase, so even if you lose your phone, no one can buy things via this app. PayPal can also be used on eBay so you can bid easily and safely.

Lastly, looking at how incredibly helpful PayPal is, it comes as a big shock that it does not charge you any fee or monthly charges. It is free. So at the end of the day, you have shopped, saves money through offers and discounts, are satisfied about your credit cards’ security and you are paying nothing for all this convenience. PayPal is truly the way to shop!

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