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All you need to throw a killer NBA All-Star party

The NBA All-Star weekend is quickly approaching, which means that the time that you have to plan the perfect party is dwindling by the minute!

While no one would technically be mad at you for throwing a run-of-the-mill party, you want to throw a party that can’t be topped – and we totally understand. From the food to the drinks, every sports fan would love to attend the party we’ve laid out for you below.

Here are some suggestions you can use to make the All-Star weekend an all-star experience.

The Drinks

If you and your guests have an affiliation, this is where you play it up! Normally we’d suggest you’d prepare drinks in the Eastern/ Western colors, but by now we probably all know that we’re not going West vs. East this year. Instead, it’s Steph Curry vs. LeBron James lead teams.

That makes things a little bit trickier, but there are still some fun things you can do to keep it festive. Here are some ideas:

  • All-Star drinking game – aka take a shot every time something (that’s bound to happen) happens. Create a list, blow it up in large lettering and hang it on your wall; make it so no one can miss it!


  • Assign everyone a player drinking game – put all of the players’ names in a hat, shake it up, and have your guests pull a name (or two!). Every 3-point shot counts as 3 shots they can give away, every 2-point one counts as 2 they can give away, and every free throw counts as one. Better hope you pull Lebron or Curry!


  • Make player themed cups – they don’t have to be fancy cups; red/ blue solo cups work perfectly well. Take a white marker and neatly replicate the players’ jerseys on the cups, so that your guests can rep their favorite player. Or, if you know exactly who’s coming, create personalized cup-jerseys with their names on it instead!


The Food

Let’s face it: the food at someone’s party can easily make or break the experience… it’s half of the reason we agreed to attend in the first place! While many parties are BYOB, very few parties are BYOF, so it’s up to the host to make it worth everyone’s while!

Here are some ideas that are sure to be a slam-dunk with your friends:


  • Basketball hamburgers – this one is simple, and only requires a little extra effort on your part. Basically, assemble the hamburger as you normally would, and then take black food coloring and carefully paint basketball lines on the bun.


  • Basketball pizza – another party favorite, basketball-ized. Assemble the toppings on the pizza to resemble a basketball; this can be as simple as strategically placing olives throughout the pizza to emulate the lines on a basketball.


  • Turnovers – turnovers are a delicious pastry that is sure to have anyone crawling back for more. A turnover in basketball is when a team loses the possession of the ball before they had a chance to take a shot, making it the perfect punny food. For added clarity, stick tiny signs in them that say ‘turnover’!

The All-Star game is the perfect reason to invite your friends over for the night and show off your party planning skills! Whether you’re rooting for Team LeBron or Team Curry, if you throw a party with these tips, you’ll be on the winning team!


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