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How To Enjoy The Holidays

girl enjoying christmas lights

The holidays are supposed to be a time of cheer, spending time with loved ones, relaxing and having fun. However, the weeks leading up to them seem to always be the polar opposite. We’re talking crazy amounts of fatigue, stress, and irritation from scurrying to finish your work tasks to the super long lineups at […]

Family Celebrations, Holiday Season Shopping

5 Creative Ways to Re-Purpose Leftover Halloween Candy

halloween candy

The spookiest time of year has come and gone once again, leaving us with nothing but memories, costumes, and hordes of unused Halloween candy. Leftover candy makes sense, really, as you’d rather be over prepared than under. After all, have ever had to face disappointed children? Yeesh. Even still, it’s kinda annoying having a mountain […]

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Top 13 Halloween Movies for Families

beetlejuice family halloween movie

It’s Friday the 13th (Cue in Dracula’s theme song)! Typically, we associate this creepy day with bad luck, crazy superstitions and of course scary, horrifying Halloween movies like, I dunno… FRIDAY THE 13TH! For those of you who may have a family or are simply a little bit of scaredy cat… actually, let’s not make […]

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Family Celebrations, Holiday Season Shopping, Party & Entertainment Ideas

Easy and Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

grape cheap easy diy halloween costume

Ah, Halloween: a day filled with trick-or-treaters, spooky tv specials and overly expensive costumes… Every year it’s the same story. You want to transform into something that’ll wow an audience, but because you’re so focused on school, work, or other personal duties in the days leading up to the 31st, you end up buying a […]

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10 Pun-tastic Halloween Costumes For Dogs

labra-thor dog pet pun halloween costume

Isn’t Halloween paw-some? A time where people just go mutts! Whether it be watching a horror movie in the bark-ing lot, maybe even having a little pup-corn. Or how about those awesome paw-ties while blasting their sub WOOFers and raising the ruff with the newest Katy Purr-y song! Lovin’ the pet puns? Well you’re in […]

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Find The PERFECT Gift With These Simple Tips

white and gold christmas presents

While gifts certainly aren’t everything, they do grant us the perfect opportunity to let people know just how much they mean to us. Holiday shopping can be a nightmare or just plainly cumbersome for some, because the prospect of summing up your feelings for someone in a neatly shaped bow just doesn’t feel doable. You […]

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How Thanksgiving is Celebrated Around The World

thanksgiving dinners around the world

American Thanksgiving is chalked full of festive tropes that we just can’t wait to indulge in every year: turkey, stuffing, football, and of course, giving thanks. It’s a day that’s filled with family, well-wishes and ill-fitting pants because of all the good food. Thanksgiving often feels as American as its desert menu: apple pie. And […]

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Our Favorite DIY Holiday Decorations!

christmas wooden ornaments with bell

Need a fun weekend project for you and your little ones? How about one of these super easy and cute DIY holiday decorations. 1. Adorable Penguin Ornament – All you need is a light bulb, some black, white, pink and orange pant, a pretty ribbon and glue gun to make this cutie. Found on: […]

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Stress-free Shopping For The Holidays

Christmas socks

The holiday season is officially here and you know what that means! Holiday cheer, fun, spending quality time with loved one, delicious caramel, candy cane and peppermint desserts, sparkly everything, your favorite cuddly holiday characters and more… but then we think of the gifts. Our heads start to throb with due that question of “What […]

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Start Your Holiday Shopping Now!

gold christmas gift

Set a realistic budget for your holiday shopping – Factor in cards, wrapping materials and postage as well. Create a detailed shopping list – Include the names of people you will be buying gifts for, hostess gifts, gifts for a Secret Santa, co workers, etc. Find the right price using PriceReel – Once you have […]

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