Black Friday / Cyber Monday, Online Shopping Tips

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

shopping for deals price comparison

Searching for the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be quite overwhelming. With the idea that somewhere else could  have a particular item cheaper, many people tend to go through great lengths to save a little extra.  Below we offer a few great tips to help you with your Black Friday and […]

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Holiday Season Shopping, Online Shopping Tips

Creative Custom Gift Ideas

christmas gift shopping

Gifts In A Jar – This super easy to make gift only requires a theme, a list of little items your recipient would like and a pretty jar that can easily be found at your local dollar store or bargain shop for cheap! Found on: The Man Bouquet ­- A creative and thoughtful gift […]

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday, Family Celebrations, Holiday Season Shopping, Online Shopping Tips

Start Your Holiday Shopping Now!

gold christmas gift

Set a realistic budget for your holiday shopping – Factor in cards, wrapping materials and postage as well. Create a detailed shopping list – Include the names of people you will be buying gifts for, hostess gifts, gifts for a Secret Santa, co workers, etc. Find the right price using PriceReel – Once you have […]

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Family Celebrations, Holiday Season Shopping, Party & Entertainment Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Party!

halloween pumpkins

Decided to get into the spirit of Halloween? Want to host a ‘spook-tacular’ fest this weekend, but afraid you won’t have enough time to pull it off? No worries! Below are some great tips to plan your bash, keep on top of very detail and save big at the same time! Invitation List Make a […]

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Fashion & Shopping

The Golden Rule of 3

girl shopping with shopping bag

Shopping for clothes can be a fun, exciting and very challenging experience. A simple rule to follow when shopping for yourself or your children is the ‘Golden Rule of 3’ When picking up that gorgeous sweater, skirt, dress or maybe those pair of shoes,  ask yourself  “Can this be worn with 3 different pieces of […]

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Health & Wellness Tips, Online Shopping Tips

10 Tips To Help You Save Big On Groceries!

grocery vegetables produce section

Plan your meals a week in advanced – Go through your fridge, freezer and pantry and brain storm meal ideas with items you already have. Make a list – Always go to the grocery store with a detailed list and stick to it. Never go to the grocery store hungry – You are more inclined […]

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