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Top 5 Pun-tastic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Heart Background

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the same old plain candies, cards and flowers….well actually you can still give those things, BUT! Wouldn’t it better if you jazzed them up a bit, in a way that will make your valentine giggle and appreciate your cheesy […]


Holiday Season Shopping, Online Shopping Tips

5 reasons you should do your Christmas shopping online this year


It’s no surprise that the tides are changing, and getting your daily deeds done through the internet is becoming the norm. As more and more stores ride the wave and open online shops, we stand on the cusp of a golden age for practical shopping. While shuffling through a crowded mall may remain your idea […]

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Find Winter Clothing Deals Online Now

girl wearing winter coat

It’s always easy to find deals on items we don’t need at the moment but think we’ll need them in the future. “75% Off sandals?! I could use them for next year!” “Buy 1 get 2 free bikinis?! Well, I could use them if I decide to go on a vacation!”… Then next summer rolls […]

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Conquering the Black Friday Games

black friday games deals

We present to you a step by step guide to conquering the Black Friday games! Yes, you will be the master that everyone envies. You will be the one that will hold your multiple bags of stuff high in the sky in victory, because not only did you get the perfect gifts for everyone, every […]

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8 Awesome Kitchen Tools That Will Cut Your Cooking Time in Half!

easy meal preparation

Whether it’s coming home from a long day of work, back from vacation or preparing for a party, cooking a good home-made meal should never be a burden. With these great tools, you can prepare a delicious, well-rounded meal in half the time and with less mess.   1. A counter top cooking utensil set […]

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Last Minute Back to School Shopping Tips

Back To School Chalk Board

It happens to the best of us every year: the last couple of weeks before school resumes creep up behind us and yells, “Surprise! Time to complete mountains of tasks and preparation!” We go into panic mode and think, “How in the world am I going to get this done in time?” Before you head […]

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5 Gifts your Boyfriend or Husband Will LOVE This Valentine’s Day

super mario brothers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t gotten anything for your boyfriend or husband yet, you’re not alone. Millions of us get too caught up in the hustle of every day life to even remember February 14th is coming up, and when we do realize… we panic. How do you find […]

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How To Win Valentine’s Day On The Cheap

valentine's day candy

When December comes to an end we all breath a collective sigh of relief that the holidays are over and our bank accounts finally can breathe. We rejoice in the fact that we have a good 300-something day buffer in between the next stressful (albeit wonderful) holidays. And just as we get into the swing […]

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Secret to Getting Holiday Shopping Done In ONE Day

red christmas ornaments

Every year we vow to get our holiday shopping finished early, and every year we’re still shopping into late December. The longer we wait, the more troublesome shopping seems because we’re simply running out of time. Maybe we don’t know what we want to buy for a certain someone yet, or maybe the hectic December […]

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Find The PERFECT Gift With These Simple Tips

white and gold christmas presents

While gifts certainly aren’t everything, they do grant us the perfect opportunity to let people know just how much they mean to us. Holiday shopping can be a nightmare or just plainly cumbersome for some, because the prospect of summing up your feelings for someone in a neatly shaped bow just doesn’t feel doable. You […]