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How to Choose the Right Diamond Engagement Ring

engagement rings price comparison

Congratulations! You’ve decided to make the most important decision of your life — committing to the person you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with. Becoming engaged is a blissful and exciting time that will bring you and your partner closer together, as well as closer to your family and friends as […]

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Find Winter Clothing Deals Online Now

girl wearing winter coat

It’s always easy to find deals on items we don’t need at the moment but think we’ll need them in the future. “75% Off sandals?! I could use them for next year!” “Buy 1 get 2 free bikinis?! Well, I could use them if I decide to go on a vacation!”… Then next summer rolls […]

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Surviving Black Friday: A Retail Worker’s To-Do List

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If there’s anything we’ve learned since the rise of taking videos on our phones and posting them to the internet, it’s that the only thing more stressful than shopping on Black Friday, is working on Black Friday. It’s a day like no other where you’d like to scream, but you have to smile, and where […]

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Fast Fashion Domination?

back to school women's fashion

While the fashion industry continues to flourish with the latest pieces, there has been a new trend that has disrupted traditional retailers. This new trend is known as fast fashion, and it has become popular amongst the targeted market of young consumers. It has changed the way consumers make purchase decisions on clothing today. Due […]

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Shopping Through PayPal

price comparison online shopping for deals

With online shopping being rampantly on the rise, concerns regarding the use of credit cards online seem to be increasing too. While there are very few sites you can entirely trust to use your credit card information safely, there are safer ways of doing this. One of these, and PriceReel’s personal all-time favourite, is shopping […]

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The Golden Rule of 3

girl shopping with shopping bag

Shopping for clothes can be a fun, exciting and very challenging experience. A simple rule to follow when shopping for yourself or your children is the ‘Golden Rule of 3’ When picking up that gorgeous sweater, skirt, dress or maybe those pair of shoes,  ask yourself  “Can this be worn with 3 different pieces of […]

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