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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Your Family

Your home is where you get to relax and unwind from all the day’s work. Plus, it’s where your children and family share beautiful moments of laughter. It’s the place where you find peace and harmony. So, making it safe will give you peace of mind. There is nothing as bad as constantly living in fear of accidents or robbery.

Want to keep your family safe from harm? Here are 5 simple ways to ensure your home remains safe:

Follow these 5 Tips to Make Your Home Safer

Burglar Alarms/Smoke Detectors

The mere mention of a home security system sends your mind to thoughts of mechanisms to keep your home safe from robbery or kidnapping. Yes, burglar alarms are important. However, securing your home also entails the installation of a smoke alarm system.

A smoke alarm will alert you of any possible fire breakout because most home fire deaths are a result of smoke inhalation. Once you have it installed, test the battery monthly. Also, ensure that you engage in regular family safety drills so that each one of them learns fire safety.

Keyless Door Locks

Having keyless door locks means that you’ll no longer need to walk around with your keys (which normally increases your chances of forgetting them back at your office). Moreover, you won’t leave behind spare keys for others who may visit while you’re away. Spare keys left at home are always an easy target for robbers. Therefore, installing keyless door locks will ensure nobody gets into your home without your permission.

You can share the code with your family members only. They should then be sworn to secrecy for the benefit of the entire family. The locks store data to inform you of any kind of attempted entry, including the exact time when the attempt was made.

Ladder Safety

When you need to use a ladder to complete household chores, be certain to follow common sense ladder safety rules.  Ladder falls and amongst the most common household injuries, including fatalities, in the United States each year.

  • Be certain to wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Inspect your ladder to make sure there are no loose or missing parts.
  • Always set up your ladder on firm ground clear of wet leaves or other slippery debris.
  • Follow the three out of four rule which ensures that only one hand or foot is out of contact with the ladder at any time. The other three will remain safely on the ladder.
  • Combine chores that require the use of a ladder to minimize the need to use one. For example, do your regular roof inspection at the same time you clear your gutters.
  • Use the buddy system. Have a friend or family member watch out for you when you’re climbing a ladder.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells enable you to record any suspicious activities at your home. Most importantly, these doorbells allow you to remotely answer your door. This makes it difficult for one to discover when you’re away. As you know, robbers use the traditional doorbell to establish whether you’re at home. They normally take “a no response” as a sign that you are away.

Video doorbells also enable you to know who’s at the door without necessarily having to get close to the door. This ensures you stay safe as you never know the intention of an unknown guest.

Do Not Share Your Personal Information

Your personal information may also include your working hours as well as your children’s schooling hours. Sharing such information with strangers may make your family vulnerable to attacks or robbery. Also, encourage your children not to engage any strangers or offer them information with regard to your family.


Safety in your home begins with you. Indeed, it requires deliberate efforts to ensure that everything is secure. Implementing the above simple measures will ensure your home remains safe and lets your family enjoy every moment spent together.


Author Bio: Deborah Tayloe is a freelance digital content writer and a regular contributor to GutterBrush.  She is a DIY and real estate blogger who loves to write home-related content. The Erie, PA native is a graduate of the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. She currently resides in the rural area of Bertie County, NC.


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