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GateKeeper – Halberd

Working On Computer

Computer security has never been so convenient and easy to use! Successfully funded on Kickstarter, GateKeeper recently launched the newest addition to their family, the Halberd. With the increasing rates of insider cyber threats hugely affecting companies and organizations, the Halberd is the best solution to protect their important and confidential data. Even though many […]

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5 Games Released This August You NEED To Play (2017)

sonic mania video game nintendo switch playstation 4 xbox one

We’re teetering on the edge of one of the biggest video-game rollouts of the year, with highly anticipated games for every console coming out left and right. With the August releases that have already come, and some other ones that are set to hit shelves within the next week, this month has truly been a […]

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Shopping Through PayPal

price comparison online shopping for deals

With online shopping being rampantly on the rise, concerns regarding the use of credit cards online seem to be increasing too. While there are very few sites you can entirely trust to use your credit card information safely, there are safer ways of doing this. One of these, and PriceReel’s personal all-time favourite, is shopping […]

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13 Overlooked Items When Packing for a Trip

travel luggage

Prepaid Phone Card If your cell phone isn’t unlocked, consider buying a cheap unlocked cell phone that will allow you to use a SIM card and prepaid phone card at your destination of travel. Look up prepaid phone services and kiosks close to the place you are staying at before traveling. Purchase a Mini Phrase […]

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