Family Celebrations, Holiday Season Shopping

8 Tips to Help You Save on Holiday Meals

christmas dinner holiday party

Season’s Greetings everyone! We all know the holiday season is full of joy, fun and coming together with loved ones, however we also know how stressful it can be to go into it without a plan, especially when it comes to a hosting a holiday dinner party. Below we offer some great tips to help […]

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Holiday Season Shopping, Online Shopping Tips, Party & Entertainment Ideas

Thanksgiving For Beginners

thanksgiving turkey preparation

Don’t worry, you got this! Thanksgiving cooking doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here are few great tips to help you get your through your first big dinner: Start Developing Your Skills Now! – Start making small meals for yourself that incorporate a variety of cooking techniques such as baking, frying, boiling, slicing, dicing and […]

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Family Celebrations, Holiday Season Shopping, Party & Entertainment Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Party!

halloween pumpkins

Decided to get into the spirit of Halloween? Want to host a ‘spook-tacular’ fest this weekend, but afraid you won’t have enough time to pull it off? No worries! Below are some great tips to plan your bash, keep on top of very detail and save big at the same time! Invitation List Make a […]

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Home Accessories & Decor Ideas, Online Shopping Tips

10 Tips to Help You Revamp the Look of Your Home on a Budget

dining room decor

Falling out of love with your home? Feeling the urge for some change but your wallet won’t let you? No problem! We have got 10 great budget friendly tips to help change the overall look and feel of your home. Paint One Wall Painting an entire room can be very costly. Revamp your space by […]

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Back to School, Online Shopping Tips

Save Money on School Supplies Deals

back to school books

Inventory of school supplies  Work together with your children and gather up all their school supplies from last year, including pens, pencil crayons, erasers, backpacks, lunch bags, running shoes, etc. Make a list of what you could use again for this coming year. Budget for other school expenses Gym uniforms, field trips, specialty shoes and […]

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Electronics & Gadgets, Vacationing & Travel Tips

13 Overlooked Items When Packing for a Trip

travel luggage

Prepaid Phone Card If your cell phone isn’t unlocked, consider buying a cheap unlocked cell phone that will allow you to use a SIM card and prepaid phone card at your destination of travel. Look up prepaid phone services and kiosks close to the place you are staying at before traveling. Purchase a Mini Phrase […]

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Fashion & Shopping

The Golden Rule of 3

girl shopping with shopping bag

Shopping for clothes can be a fun, exciting and very challenging experience. A simple rule to follow when shopping for yourself or your children is the ‘Golden Rule of 3’ When picking up that gorgeous sweater, skirt, dress or maybe those pair of shoes,  ask yourself  “Can this be worn with 3 different pieces of […]

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Health & Wellness Tips, Online Shopping Tips

10 Tips To Help You Save Big On Groceries!

grocery vegetables produce section

Plan your meals a week in advanced – Go through your fridge, freezer and pantry and brain storm meal ideas with items you already have. Make a list – Always go to the grocery store with a detailed list and stick to it. Never go to the grocery store hungry – You are more inclined […]

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