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Back to School, Online Shopping Tips

Save Money on School Supplies Deals

Inventory of school supplies 

Work together with your children and gather up all their school supplies from last year, including pens, pencil crayons, erasers, backpacks, lunch bags, running shoes, etc. Make a list of what you could use again for this coming year.

Budget for other school expenses

Gym uniforms, field trips, specialty shoes and equipment for sports are all items you need to keep in mind when you create your back to school shopping budget.

Buy school supplies after the first day of school

Wait until your child’s teacher sends home a list of what they will need for their classes. A backpack, simple notebook and pen or pencil will do for the first day.

Take advantage of end of summer sales

Various items such as t-shirts, polos, dresses, tights and jeans can easily be worn year round.

Plan your child’s lunches based on what’s on sale

Make of a list of what your child likes to eat for lunch including snacks and drinks. Browse through local flyers using PriceReel’s Flyer Section and see what’s on sale. If your child likes turkey sandwiches and turkey is on sale, then that’s their number one lunch item for the week!

Shop later

For items your child doesn’t need immediately for school, take advantage of end of season sales in October. Pick up a few extra fun stationary sets to use as stocking stuffers for the holidays!

Compare Prices

Use PriceReel’s Price Comparison feature for the best deals on items on your child’s back to school list, things like graphing calculators, backpacks, shoes and more.

Reusable Lunch Dishes

Buy enough reusable sandwich dishes and snack dishes for the week to cut your costs on plastic wrap and sandwich bags and to even go green!

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