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Find Winter Clothing Deals Online Now

23 Nov , 2017  

It’s always easy to find deals on items we don’t need at the moment but think we’ll need them in the future. “75% Off sandals?! I could use them for next year!” “Buy 1 get 2 free bikinis?! Well, I could use them if I decide to go on a vacation!”… Then next summer rolls around, and you realize those sandals aren’t your style anymore, and of course, you never ended up going on that vacation because you were way too busy.

So, what do you do when winter arrives, and you need new boots because all of sudden it dropped to 0 degrees. How up when a big blizzard comes in to say hi and all you have is you’re cute not so thick bomber jacket that’s waist-length or your chic trench coat with no hood or wind resistance? Well my friend, I guess you have no choice but to suck it up and just pay the regular price for what you need… or do you?

What if there are ways to get deals on your most needed winter items while they are in season? What if we say it’s easier than you think? Check out these recommended tips and tricks to help you find the best deals on winter necessities, while you need them!

  1. Email Newsletters – Subscribe to your favorite winter retailers’ newsletter list and open frequently. When a store sees you opening their email, clicking to their website and make a purchase because of their email, there is a higher chance they will segment you on a special list that offers you exclusive deals, higher discounts, and special promotions.
  2. Follow on Social Media – Like your favorite winter retailers on Facebook and subscribe to their feed. Once a retailer sees your loyalty to the brand on social media, the higher the chance they will target exclusive online deals, discounts and specials promotions to you, similar to how they would segment you on their email newsletter lists.
  3. Text Alerts – Subscribe to your favorite winter retailers text alerts – This a great way to get notifications of flash sales and access to time-sensitive instore or online deals.
  4. Forum Browsing and Posting – Browse through a variety of money-saving and shopping related forum websites, or Reddit to see if there are any winter-related sales. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Start your own thread!
  5. Price Comparison Search – Conduct a simple Price Comparison search on PriceReel. Type in the product you’re looking for and filter by your area. An array of the specified item will come up from different retailers. Select the one with the best price.

Pro Tip: Be cautious of return policies, shipping fees and the distance from where you live to the store. These could also be costly factors.

Although the best time for getting winter clothing at the lowest price tends to be at the end of season or clearance sales, there are a few problems you may run into:

  1. Size – you may not find the item you want in the right fit.
  2. Style – you might not find the item you want in the right color, fabric or texture.
  3. Flaws – you may find the item you want, but it may have a scuff, hole or stain on it.

These tips may take a little prep work, but in the end, the info and deals you need will come to you or you will able to find them with ease from the comfort of your own home.

Happy Online Shopping! 😊

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