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Creative Custom Gift Ideas

27 Nov , 2015  

  1. Gifts In A Jar – This super easy to make gift only requires a theme, a list of little items your recipient would like and a pretty jar that can easily be found at your local dollar store or bargain shop for cheap! Found on:

Gifts in a Jar

  1. The Man Bouquet ­- A creative and thoughtful gift for the lovely lads in your life. Pick a theme, such as his favourite sports team, hobby, movie, TV show or superhero. Small items such as mini liquors, lottery tickets, trading cards, figurines, candy bars, pins and cigars are all great items to include. Found on:

Man Bouquet

  1. Candy Sleighs – These adorable stocking stuffers are super easy to make. Feel free to mix and match the chocolates or candies. Found on:

Candy Sleighs

  1. Crafty Magnets ­ – This simple DIY craft makes an excellent personalized gift! Choose from an array of decorative papers, wrapping paper or print out the logos of teams, superheroes, pictures of loved ones and more. Found on:

Crafty Magnets

  1. Peppermint Sugar Scrub – A beautiful homemade gift that would surely help with the woes of winter, including smoothing out cracked feet and moisturizing dry skin. Find Instructions here:

Peppermint Scrub

  1. Adult hot cocoa – This simple rustic gift is perfect for the adults.  All you need is your favourite cocoa powder, mini marshmallows, a cute mason jar and a mini bottle of Bailey’s or any other cream liquors.  Found on:

Adult Hot Cocoa

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