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5 reasons you should do your Christmas shopping online this year

29 Nov , 2017  

It’s no surprise that the tides are changing, and getting your daily deeds done through the internet is becoming the norm. As more and more stores ride the wave and open online shops, we stand on the cusp of a golden age for practical shopping.

While shuffling through a crowded mall may remain your idea of a good time, you should know

Here are 5 reasons why you should skip the streets, and do all of your Christmas shopping online:


You can compare pricing

Instead of the incessant “should I buy it or see if it’s cheaper elsewhere?” argument plaguing your mind these holidays, there is a much easier way to find the best deals. With sites like PriceReel, all you have to do is plug in the item that you want to be shown its range of prices all over the internet. No more hopping from shop to shop to make sure you’re spending less – when you shop online, everything is right in front of you.

Delivery options

If you’re no fan of mall-walking, the delivery services most major online retailers offer is something that simply can’t be beaten. Many online stores offer free shipping over a certain price, and many include a ‘rush’ option if you need the item, like, now. If you’re going to be out on the town anyway, you can even have your package delivered to the nearest store and pick it up there, completely hassle free!


These days you can tap onto the web on nearly every device you own within seconds. Christmas gift shopping can be handled right from your bed at night to your morning bus ride to work. Unlike stores, the internet doesn’t close after a certain hour, so you have all of the time in the world to snoop around for the best prices and deals. Let’s see a shopping mall give you that freedom…

Online reviews

Yes, you’re perfectly capable of reading up on reviews before driving to the store to get the desired item. In fact, that’s probably what you do do. But how many times have you had to reroute your plans because something’s sold out or you found something better or maybe cheaper? The sale’s clerk may swear by an item, but it’s always best to get the non-biased, non-sales-commission-y opinion the best steals.

One stop shop

So you’re shopping for your girlfriend, your sister, your parents AND your baby nephew? Good luck finding everything you need for them in one store at the mall! A Christmas list with that many people on it is sure to have you hopping from store to store for a good few hours. Comparatively, it’s pretty easy to find everything you need for the entire family on one site online. Just type in what you need, and be met with appropriate results. It truly is that easy.

Take a little hassle out of the holidays and do your online shopping on your couch this year. Your wallet, your patience, practicality, AND sanity will thank you for it!

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