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The “Should I Buy It?” Checklist Every Black Friday Shopper NEEDS!


Ah, Black Friday: how we’ve missed the heavy traffic, hordes of unyielding shoppers and spending our money on things that we don’t really need… not! The deals may change, but at its core, Black Friday is the same that it’s always been: STRESSFUL! Year after year we’re subjected to ridiculous lineups and a lot of […]

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Conquering the Black Friday Games

black friday games deals

We present to you a step by step guide to conquering the Black Friday games! Yes, you will be the master that everyone envies. You will be the one that will hold your multiple bags of stuff high in the sky in victory, because not only did you get the perfect gifts for everyone, every […]

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Secret to Getting Holiday Shopping Done In ONE Day

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Every year we vow to get our holiday shopping finished early, and every year we’re still shopping into late December. The longer we wait, the more troublesome shopping seems because we’re simply running out of time. Maybe we don’t know what we want to buy for a certain someone yet, or maybe the hectic December […]

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Find The PERFECT Gift With These Simple Tips

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While gifts certainly aren’t everything, they do grant us the perfect opportunity to let people know just how much they mean to us. Holiday shopping can be a nightmare or just plainly cumbersome for some, because the prospect of summing up your feelings for someone in a neatly shaped bow just doesn’t feel doable. You […]

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Keep Calm: It’s Only Black Friday!

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We’ve all seen the YouTube videos: Employees at stores like Target or BestBuy getting mauled by crowds of eager shoppers; People trampling over each other in the pursuit of the newest gadget; Lines that circle the entire block filled with customers counting down the minutes until opening… And we’ve all, collectively, thought the same thing: […]

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Shopping Online For Beginners

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The trend of online shopping has been increasing at a rapid pace with new online stores popping up on the internet every single day. However, for every new customer who is planning to opt for online shopping for the first time, the question of safety and privacy happens to be of concern. Taking this into […]

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Shopping Through PayPal

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With online shopping being rampantly on the rise, concerns regarding the use of credit cards online seem to be increasing too. While there are very few sites you can entirely trust to use your credit card information safely, there are safer ways of doing this. One of these, and my personal all-time favourite, is shopping […]

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Tips

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Searching for the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be quite overwhelming. With the idea that somewhere else could  have a particular item cheaper, many people tend to go through great lengths to save a little extra.  Below we offer a few great tips to help you with your Black Friday and […]

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Stress-free Shopping For The Holidays

Christmas socks

The holiday season is officially here and you know what that means! Holiday cheer, fun, spending quality time with loved one, delicious caramel, candy cane and peppermint desserts, sparkly everything, your favorite cuddly holiday characters and more… but then we think of the gifts. Our heads start to throb with due that question of “What […]

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Start Your Holiday Shopping Now!

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Set a realistic budget for your holiday shopping – Factor in cards, wrapping materials and postage as well. Create a detailed shopping list – Include the names of people you will be buying gifts for, hostess gifts, gifts for a Secret Santa, co workers, etc. Find the right price using PriceReel – Once you have […]

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