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5 Unusual New Year Resolution Ideas

5 Jan , 2018  

It’s the start of the new year, and you know what that means: time to work out! After all, hitting the gm is the de facto new years resolution.

And, after about 2 weeks of lifting weights and cutting out sugary soft drinks, we conclude that those extra few pounds aren’t totally awful. Or, translation: losing them is not worth the effort.

New year, new me does not just apply to your physical appearance, and can be thought of totally differently this year.

Here are some unique new years resolutions that you should indulge in for 2018:

  1. Make new friends

Every adult knows that making friends is not nearly as easy as it was when we were kids back in school. Back then there was an entire pool of potential new friends, and keeping your school life and personal life separate felt much less necessary. Now that we’re so busy with our 9-5s, relationships and personal time, it’s increasingly harder to hold down a solid friendship. Luckily, with enough effort on your end, you have the tools to spark up some new friendships, or rekindle some old ones!

  1. Learn a new language

The world is a huge, intricate place with so many stories to be told. But how can we hear even half of those stories if we’re so confined to our native language bubbles? On top of learning a new, valuable skill, learning a new language seriously broadens your mind. You get the tools necessary to talk to people who you would have never been able to talk to before, and in turn, learn things you would have never known.

  1. Try cooking a new meal every week

It’s easy to cook pasta every week and be totally content, but it isn’t fun. Similar to the point above, there are so many cultures out there, which means that there are so many different dishes to be fascinated by! Always wanted to try Turkish food? What’s stopping you? Want to delve deeper into Korean cuisine than KBBQ? Go for it!

  1. Travel more

Not all of us have the means or the time to buy a plane ticket and hop on a flight out of the country, and that’s quite alright. The notion that you have to leave your country to travel is a silly one, and often times we haven’t taken the time to explore our own backyards. Do the touristy things around your city, drive to the vineyard an hour away, visit a ski resort up in the mountains… the possibilities for travel are endless!

  1. Grow your own food

If there’s anything that tastes better than store bought food, it’s food that you grew yourself. This could be something simple like herbs, or more complex like mushrooms. Literally reap what you sow, and feel all the better for it!

Even if shedding those extra pounds is seriously what you want to do in 2018, you’re not confined to only one resolution. Make the most of the year, and indulge in the possibilities!

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