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From the price of textbooks to the price of tuition, there’s no denying that school’s one expensive –albeit enriching – venture. Back to school time itself can be especially tough on our wallets, but this time around, maybe it doesn’t have to be so tough.

This year instead of window shopping for your back-to-school essentials, PriceReel has set up a giveaway packed with some pretty awesome prizes. Any of these prizes will make the transition from beach connoisseur to hardworking, diligent student a little easier on your bank account.

Up for grabs are a MacBook Air, Beats by Dre Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and a Fitbit Charge.

And what’s especially nice about these winnings is that PriceReel knows that there is so much more to school life than just textbooks, pens, and paper.

A Fitbit Charge, for example, works on overdrive to ensure that you meet your fitness goals. A lot of us look at summer as the time to be in tip-top shape so we can proudly show off our beach bodies, but keeping in good health is still important when August becomes September. When the school work begins to pile up, and you begin to prioritize your life mentally, your Fitbit will be there to remind you: “HEY! Your health’s a top-priority too!” and help you get you to where you need to be.

Have a long commute? Beats wireless headphones can help with that. Providing sound clean enough to drown out those commuting nightmares (crying babies, loud conversationalists, snoring…), it’s really hard to go wrong with this one. And what’s better is, because they’re wireless, they won’t get in the way of anything. That means no more detangling your headphones before you go out the door in the mornings – and just… leaving.

And do I really need to spell out the benefits of owning a laptop for school? Taking notes, researching essays, writing papers, watching videos when you should be studying… the possibilities are limitless! What makes a MacBook Air especially cool though, is that it’s thin enough to easily fit anywhere in your life.

Visit for more details of how to enter this giveaway. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be walking around campus with a snazzy new accessory this year.

Getting stuff for free has truly never been easier.

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