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10 Pun-tastic Halloween Costumes for Cats

26 Oct , 2017  

Why should all the doggos have all the fun? Kitties like to dress up and look Purr-ty too. They have the pet-tentional to pull off this year’s most paw-some costumes! All they want is an equal op-paw-tunity to show how furr-ious they can be! We need to stop the madness right MEOW!

Enough with the puns? Well, we ain’t done yet! Here is some serious inspo for pun-tastic Halloween costumes for your fur babies this year!

1.Kitty Purry

Source: Scoopnest

2. Cathulu

Source: Neatorama


3. The Actual Cat In The Hat

Source: B2C 


4. Nick Furry


5. Avo-cato

Source: The Spruce 


6. Nyan Cat

Souce: Celeb Buzz


7. Cat Man

Source: Ranker.com


8. The Great Catsby

Source: GQ 

9. Santa Claws

Source: Celeb Buzz


10. Lady Paw-Paw

Source: Whitezine



Don’t forget to tell us your favorite pun-tastic kitty costume or show us your paw-some kitty costumes this year. Be sure to comment below!

Have a Happy Halloween!

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