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Unlocked phones are fast becoming a huge phenomenon not only in the U.S. but everywhere else in the world. The simple reason is that unlocked phones give you unmatched freedom especially when it comes to choosing models, plans or carriers. If you don't want to lock yourself into a life-long contract then you need to go to PriceReel and get yourself an unlocked phone. PriceReel is the-to-go-to unlocked phone online shopping hub.

At PriceReel, you have a variety of unlocked phones from top brands like Alcatel, Apple, BlackBerry, Blu, Htc, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and many more to choose from. A great way to get you started is checking out the great deals on PriceReel. Get to see the various phone designs, specs, designs and compatibility options that are avail able to you from different unlocked phone online retailers.

Why phones are locked

Many communication service providers lock phones to maintain customer loyalty. Locking a phone is a sure way of getting subscribers to stick to their network. For instance, if HTC phones were locked to Cricket, you would have to switch to Cricket and stick with them. Some carriers may unlock phones but they have strict policies and guidelines to that It isn't worthwhile to unlock your phone through a carrier since most of the policies are structured to get you to commit to the plans and services of the particular carrier.

Why unlocked phones

You are not alone if you are wondering what the big deal with unlocked phones is. Well, they are a big deal if you put the following factors into consideration. When you buy an unlocked phone you have the freedom of using any SIM you choose to regardless of where you are in the world. Unlocked phones are also compatible with the two network standards; Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) or the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA).

Unlocked phones are much cheaper to run and maintain in the long run. It may be true that some of the phones have a high initial cost. Looking at the long run however and factoring in cheaper data and voice plans, you get a real bargain buying an unlocked phone from PriceReel than buying a locked phone from a carrier company.

Unlocked phones are just awesome for international or regional travel. If you are a business person or a student and you a have to go out of the country you don't have to get another phone if yours is unlocked. There are brands like Sony Xperia, Huawei Honor 6X and LG which can house two or more SIM cards. Which means you get to have your US SIM card and a local SIM card of your host country right there is the phone. When in a foreign country, you get to pay the same rates as the locals in that country seeing that you are able to use their SIM cards in your phone which gives you access to their carrier service. With unlocked phones, you can have the convenience of having the separate work and home lines of the same phone since some unlocked phones have dual SIM card capabilities.

Who uses unlocked phones?

You may be at loss on whether an unlocked phone is really something for you Basically, everyone can use an unlocked phone. However, it is more beneficial for the following people;

  • Businessmen and professionals whose nature of work involves a lot of travel to areas where their carriers of choice may not provide services. Such professionals include engineers, researchers, journalists, sports personalities, sales and marketing personnel, preachers, pilots and public speakers.

  • Students who study overseas may also need to unlocked phones so that they will not have to buy phones every time they go out of the country.

  • If you are a globe trotter who just goes for vacation a lot. You need to have a way of communication that is flexible and convenient enough to keep you in touch with those that matter regardless of where you are in the world.

Getting to use an unlocked phone

In order to start using your unlocked phone abroad or in your home country, all you need is a SIM card for the carrier of a choice. SIM cards store both the carrier's data and the user's data You can pop the SIM card in any phone and you will be up and running. You can shop for the different types of carrier SIM cards and the different SIM card sizes (mini SIM or Micro SIM). After getting your unlocked phone and SIM card from PriceReel; all you have to do is purchase talk time, you just feed it on your phone and use

Getting the best out of the phone

There are many accessories that you can bring along to make your unlocked cell phone even more useful. Most unlocked phone online shopping sites may have some of these accessories. PriceReel offers a wide variety of accessories at rock bottom prices. There are accessories like adaptors, chargers and cases for top mobile phone brands. Items like cell phone signal boosters and power banks really come in handy when you need get stronger network coverage or to charge your phone on the move.

Why PriceReel

PriceReel offers online shoppers an easy and convenient way to get the best unlocked cell phones and accessories from the best online retailers all over the world. We make the search easy and convenient by structuring our site to give the most responsive experience you have ever had You get to compare different phones and compare the different catalogues by prices, shop location, phone types, features and other such categories. With PriceReel, not only do you get the best deals, a wide variety of products and great discounts, you also get your item shipped to you in the shortest time possible.

You don't have to browse around the many unlocked phone online shopping portals because you can find what you need instantly and conveniently on PriceReel.