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  • Swordsmanship Set

    Swordsmanship Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BOTH OF JOHN CLEMENTS' CLASSIC SWORD BOOKS AS A SET. Renaissance Swordsmanship is the most thorough work ever published about historical swordsmanship by one of the foremost scholars of Western martial arts, John Clements. It is both a general reference and an instructional guide for advanced and beginning sword enthusiasts, students of military history and martial artists. Includes rare historical info and 100 original drawings. Medieval Swordsmanship is a comprehensive and historically a...

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  • Sigmund Ringecks Knightly Art Set

    Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Art Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BOTH SIGMUND RINGECK BOOKS BY DAVID LINDHOLM AND PETER SVARD AS A SET. In the history of the martial arts of Western Europe, there are few individuals whose contributions have been as instrumental in shaping the generations that followed as Sigmund Ringeck. In Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Art of the Longsword, David Lindholm and Peter SvA""rd give new life to the longsword instruction found in Ringeck's 15th-century manual, as well providing advice for modern practitioners. Sigmund Ringeck's...

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  • Makeshifter Set

    Makeshifter Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BOTH OF THESE MAKESHIFT WORKSHOP BOOKS. Double your savings with James Ballou's Makeshift Workshop books. First you'll get a discount for buying both and then you'll save every day when you use the skills and knowledge you learn from them to make your own tools, do your own repairs, and construct valuable items out of found objects. You can pay now for these two books or pay later when you have to fork over big bucks for pricey tools, parts, and repairs. In the first volume of Makeshift Wo...

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  • WARTAC Set

    WARTAC Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BOTH WARTAC FIREARMS-ACQUISITION AND -RETENTION DVDS AS A SET. In Firearms Acquisition Tactics, WARTAC (Weapons Acquisition and Retention Tactics) founders Rich Nance and David Hallford teach you a weapon-acquisition system that really works in the chaos of real-life street assaults. In the Keep Your Piece DVD and workbook set, Nance and Hallford, along with WARTAC instructor and SWAT officer Aaron Peachman, show you their universal retention techniques designed to safeguard the gun in you...

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  • Mercenary Set

    Mercenary Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY THE ENTIRE FOUR-VOLUME MIKE HOARE COLLECTION AS A SET AND RECEIVE A FREE DVD INTERVIEW. Mike Hoare is one of the 20th century's most famous mercenaries, and clearly its most talented scribe, as this collection demonstrates. Originally published in 1967, Congo Mercenary is a well-written and historically important account of one of the most brutal rebellions in Africa, as well as an accurate depiction of mercenary life. In Congo Warriors, which the author has described as his favorite of al...

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  • Gang Intelligence Set

    Gang Intelligence Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BOTH THESE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDES ON GANG ENFORCEMENT AS A SET. Written by an experienced gang investigator from a major metropolitan prosecutor's office, Gang Investigator's Handbook by Matthew O'Deane contains dozens of strategies and tips for identifying and suppressing gangs in any community. Marauding gangs have become a fact of life in the United States, but where did these violent groups come from, and why are they so appealing to so many youths today? Gang Intelligence Manual provide...

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  • Street Patrol Set

    Street Patrol Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BOTH OF STEVE ALBRECHT'S LAW ENFORCEMENT BOOKS AS A SET. In these two books, veteran San Diego police officer Steve Albrecht advises fellow officers of proactive measures they can take on a routine basis to improve their odds of going home in one piece. In Tactical Perfection for Street Cops, Albrecht shares the secrets of veteran cops who have mastered streetwise ways to handle the variety of situations they face every shift. Surviving Street Patrol offers invaluable insight on balancing ...

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  • AR-15 Set

    AR-15 Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BOTH THE COMPLETE AR-15/M16 SOURCEBOOK BY DUNCAN LONG & TACTICAL AR-15 BY DAVE LAUCK AND PAUL HANTKE AS A SET. The Complete AR-15/M16 Sourcebook offers detailed insight into why the AR-15/M16 rifle remains a favorite of soldiers, law enforcement officials, civilian shooters and self-defense experts. The Tactical AR-15 uses ""lessons learned"" from live encounters, training scenarios and competitions to determine what tactics and equipment work when shots really matter.See the descripti...

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  • M1 Garand Set

    M1 Garand Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BOTH THE COMPLETE M1 GARAND & CLASSIC M1 GARAND AS A SET. The Complete M1 Garand is a heavily illustrated, practical history of the robust M1 Garand for shooters and collectors alike. Its sequel, The Classic M1 Garand, offers detailed instruction on maintaining and smoothing this wartime rifle, which makes it an excellent guide when restoring this World War II classic.See the descriptions of the individual volumes for more details. The Complete M1 Garand The Classic M1 Garand This set ...

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  • Battlefield Pankration Set

    Battlefield Pankration Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BOTH THE BOOK AND THE VIDEO BY JIM ARVANITIS AS A SET. When Jim Arvanitis resurrected the ancient Greek martial art of pankration and updated it with the most effective concepts and techniques from other combative systems, he developed what many acknowledge to be one of world's first mixed martial arts (MMA) . Now, Arvanitis has delved further into Greek martial history and revived the lost art of pammachon, or ""battlefield pankration."" See the descriptions of the individual volumes for ...

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  • Bob Kaspers Combatives Set

    Bob Kasper's Combatives Set

    SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BOTH BOB KASPER COMBATIVES BOOKS AS A SET. Bob Kasper was a noted World War II close-quarters combatives enthusiast and trainer. These two books, which he compiled but did not publish before his untimely death in 2006, share his training methodology regarding edged weapons and individual close combat. Both contain exclusive forewords by Kelly McCann, a close friend and training partner of Kasper. See the descriptions of the individual volumes for more details. Bob Kasper's Sting of the Sco...

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  • HO-Scale Hawthorne Railways Wedge Plow Train Accessory Set

    HO-Scale Hawthorne Railways Wedge Plow Train Accessory Set

    The famous Wedge Snow Plow saw its first use in the 1840s when the railroad needed to clear the track of winter's fury. Now, this exciting HO-scale wedge plow train accessory set brings that innovative power to your snow covered train display. Available ONLY from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division, it's the perfect tribute to the steel giants that once rammed through the snow at speeds of up to 50 mph, pushed by as many as 14 locomotives! This truly indispensible piece of classic railroad mac...

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