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  • Its Alive! Slime Lab

    It's Alive! Slime Lab

    It's Alive! Slime Lab: Make slime and bring it to lifeMake slime grow, dance and mutate with the motorized Slime-O-NatorProjects teach the science behind the slime - but in the end, it's just good not-so-clean funInvestigate the principles of viscosity, elasticity, and moreProjects include: Franken-Slime, Mucus Monsters, Foaming Slime, Snot Slime, Freaky Frequencies, Wild Waves, and moreContents include: Motorized Slime-O Nator, Wave Dome, 2-Piece Slime Dome, Graduated Cylinder, Mixing Cup, Eyedropper, Goop...

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