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  • Oster 1 Quart Manual Greek Yogurt Maker - 4010378

    Oster 1 Quart Manual Greek Yogurt Maker - 4010378

    Everything you need to create Greek yogurt is included in this easy-to-use yogurt maker. Did you know Greek yogurt contains up to twice the amount of protein compared to traditional yogurt? Also, Greek yogurt is made by simply straining out liquid whey, so only the protein-rich whey solids remain. This yogurt maker can produce one large batch or can be made as individual servings using glass jars and lids provided. Recipes include the most popular varieties of milk from whole, reduced fat and skim as well a...

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  • Oster Ice Crusher Blade

    Oster Ice Crusher Blade

    Revolutionary ice crusher blade for perfect crush everytime. Durable blender lid with filter cap- great for adding ingredients during operation. Long lasting jar bottom cap.

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